Cyber Crime is Rising in Nigeria

The definition of cyber-crimes is given as: offenses that are committed while making use of modern telecommunication networks, such as the Internet and the use of mobile phones. Those types of crimes may prove to be a threat to a nation’s security and financial health and has been set at US$110 billion annually.

In Nigeria, committing cyber crimes is becoming a trend. Hackers, popularly called Yahoo boys in Nigeria, are showing no respect of anyone’s status, whether a personal, government, bank owned email addresses and phones have been hacked. IT experts warned Nigerian of any email scams circulating in the country to deceive people into believing that they are being contacted by their banks to submit their account credentials, such as account number, PIN number, or password.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is battling against cyber-crime in the country and go beyond raiding cybercafes with a holistic approach.

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