12 Strange Criminal Offense on Christmas

Below are the 12 strange criminal offenses that happened during Christmas last year:

  1. Criminal offense to kill a game bird on Christmas Day (the Game Act 1831).
  2. An Ordinance for Abolishing of Festivals, Act 1647
  3. The Holy Days and Fasting Days Act 1551
  4. The Unlawful Games Act 1541
  5. The Town Police Clauses Act 1847
  6. Act passed by Queen Elizabeth I, 1588
  7. Licensing Act 1872
  8. In Finland and Sweden the twelve days of Christmas are declared a time of civil peace by law.
  9. The Salmon Act 1986
  10. Postal Services Act 2000
  11. The Metropolitan Police Act 1839
  12. Town Police Clauses Act 1847

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