5 Ways to Spot a Shoplifter

If you own a store, then one of the most pestering kinds of “customers” are shoplifters. These are individuals who come into a store and take items without any plans of paying for them. To prevent this kind of thievery in your store, the best way is to be able to sort a shoplifter out from other honest customers. Here’s how:

  1. Know certain tactics that shoplifters have – New tactics have been plotted which will differ in different scenarios,
  2. Notice their clothing – Hoods, sunglasses, scarfs etc. or any attempt to cover the face is an easily exploitable way of spotting a thief.
  3. Watch out for lingering –  Most snatchers tend to linger around their target, thinking of how to pull it off, or to just wait until their exit is clear.
  4. Watch out for group theft – A group of 4-8 people will enter the store and will possibly split up, but will all end up heading to their target eventually.
  5. Offer assistance –  A group of thieves may become stunned or may even abort prior to contact with an employee.
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