7 Tunnels Used for Crimes

Seven amazing tunnels were used by many criminals for crime. These tunnels are: Brazil’s “Gold Digger” Robbery at 262 feet; Berlin Bank Robbery Tunnel at 135 feet long; Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman’s $1.5 “James Bond” Tunnel at 270 feet; North Korea’s Third “Tunnel of Aggression” to the South 1.1 miles; 18th Century English Smugglers’ Tunnels at 65 feet; and the Drug Tunnel from Canada to the United States at 360 feet.

Included in the list is the tunnel that was made by Aussie thugs Peter Welsh and Dwayne Doolan who were supposed to break into a jewelry store. They made a tunnel through the adjoining room but once they broke through, they realized they weren’t in a jewelry store but in a KFC which was beside the jewelry store. Making the best of the gaffe, the duo robbed the KFC’s safe, but was apprehended while their fingers were still greasy.

Source: 7Incredible Tunnels… Used for Crime

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