80 Year-Old Store Owner Tries to Thwart Robbery

A jewelry store owner scared off burglars who walked into his store with a hammer. He physically confronted and chased down the two men out of his store. Although this sounds like something any store owner would do when faced with a burglar, what’s surprising is that the defender was an 80 year-old man.

“I was just trying to protect from them taking what belonged to me. That’s it. I don’t’ think I’m a hero, I’m just trying to defend my property,” Chuck Lire, owner of Riverton Jewelers, told ABC News. I realized it wasn’t a customer because he had a hammer in his hand,” said Lire.
The robbery happened last February 2 in Sherman Oaks. The whole ordeal was caught on camera and was aired on the news last night. Despite, Lire’s efforts however, the thieves still got away with some jewelry.
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