9 Steps to Staying Calm in a Robbery

You may not think a robbery situation may happen when you are in a bank or store premises, but it is very possible. With crimes becoming more and more rampant, you may be caught in between a horrific act of robbery when you least expect it. While staff and other personnel may be trained in handling such situations, customers or passers-by may not know what to do.

In order to stay calm and not jeopardize your safety in a robbery, here are 9 steps you must know how to do:
  1. Be aware of what is going on around you.
  2. Signal your intention to the robbers that you intend to cooperate.
  3. Try and slow down your thoughts and remain focused on pulling through.
  4. Listen as well as you can.
  5. Expect swearing, shouting and other unnerving noise and actions or reactions.
  6. Focus on other people in the same predicament as you
  7. Consider whether escape is a safe possibility or not (most times it is best to wait it out).
  8. Go inside yourself and build a protective wall.
  9. Aim to stay calm and seek help after the robbery.
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