Brother Denies Involvement in the Alps Murder

Zaid al Hilli, 54 years old and whose brother Saad was found dead in a bullet-riddled BMW in September of last year, denied any involvement in his brother’s murder.

Saad’s wife Iqbal and her mother Suhalla were also killed. The couple’s daughter Zainab, who was seven years old during the incident, has fully recovered while her sister Zeena, who was four years old then, was found unhurt and was hiding beneath her mother’s body. Sylvain Mollier’s body was also seen nearby.

Zaid admitted to The Sunday Times newspaper that he and his brother were engaged in a bitter inheritance row but he said he had nothing to do with the massacre.

Zaid said police should look at the possibility that the real target was Sylvain Mollier. Mollier was a Frenchman who was shot dead near Saad’s family car.

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