Cleveland: The Ninth Most Dangerous City in America

If there is a list of cities in America that no one wants to be in, that would be the most dangerous list. Unfortunately for Cleveland, it managed to get a spot in the top ten list in an article featured in Forbes magazine that named the most dangerous cities in the country. Cleveland got the ninth spot.

This is a serious blow to the city and the residents have mixed reactions to the inclusion of their hometown.

Here is part of an article by Kris Pickel that appeared on, “It’s a black mark which may not be accurate, especially when it comes to crime in downtown Cleveland.

Despite major efforts to make downtown safer, it’s not uncommon to find people who avoid downtown because of safety concerns.

Carolyn Smilor has avoided the area for the past 20 years. She used to work downtown but an encounter on a bus pushed her over the edge. “A mentally ill person sat down and licked my face. That was it for me,” says Smilor.

Forbes based it’s “Most Dangerous” ranking on an FBI database that collects violent crime statistics from across the county.

The Forbes ranking is based on the number of crimes. It does not take other factors into consideration, such as per capital crime, age of the city, demographics or size.”

“It’s cautioned all over our website saying, please don’t use this as a ranking system,” says Special Agent Vicki Anderson with the Cleveland FBI office.”

You can read the full article here.

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