Crime Goes Down Along Mexico- U.S. Border

A recent report has shown that crime has dropped along the U. S. border with Mexico. This might come as a surprise to some people who think of that area as a place where a lot of illegal activities usually happen.

The area is notorious for illegal border crossing and drug smuggling, which has sparked a nationwide controversy regarding tighter border controls. But the report says a different thing. Here is an article written by Ronald J. Hansen for The Republic, “Crime along the nation’s southwestern border declined markedly from 2004 to 2011, and there were few signs of significant spillover problems from Mexico into the U.S., federal auditors found in a report released Tuesday.

Violent crime dropped 33 percent in border counties in Arizona, more than in California, Texas and New Mexico, the report by the Government Accountability Office said. Among Arizona’s non-border counties, violent crime fell 22 percent. The 11 percentage-point gap was the widest of the four states the GAO examined.

Like the other states, overall crime rates in Arizona’s four border counties dropped more by 2011 than in its 11 non-border counties. Unlike the others, Arizona’s border-county crime rates were still higher than the non-border counties.

Law-enforcement officials throughout the border region remain worried that drug-cartel-influenced crime could become troublesome, but most officials said it hasn’t been a problem to this point, the report noted.

The GAO acknowledged its analysis is limited by underreporting of crime — especially by those who are involved in the drug trade — and the lack of systematic tracking of spillover crime by authorities on both sides of the border. Still, the findings run counter to border-security hawks who claim the public faces significant risk because of what they see as overly lax enforcement strategies.”

You can read the full article through this link.

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