Guidelines on How to Prevent a Kidnapping

Kidnappings can happen anytime to anyone, even when you least expect it. These abductions happen almost everywhere  in the world for all sorts of reasons. Sadly, the victims are usually children, who are used by kidnappers to get the families to pay large sums or money or even to inflict different kinds of abuse.

To prevent your kids or anybody from being kidnapped, follow these guidelines:
  • Take preventative safety precautions wherever you go and always be attentive, especially in new environment.
  • Be prepared to resist, by carrying mace (pepper spray), a steel extendable baton, or improvise and use your keys, held by the key-chain, to rake across the attacker’s eyes.
  • Follow your intuition or gut instinct If you get a sketchy vibe from someone, listen to your gut feeling no matter how irrational
  • Vary your routes and times Make it difficult for would-be attackers to anticipate your plans. Learn multiple ways to go between your home and office or any frequent destinations
  • Carry a cell phone and some safety devices (such as a loud horn on your key chain)
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