Identity Thief Gets Plastic Surgery Using Victim’s Credit Card

We’ve all heard different identity theft stories of people raking up charges using a victim’s credit card. These criminals use their new-found “identity” and credit to get away with splurging on items they can’t normally afford or aren’t willing to be charged for as themselves. However, in California, an identity thief used her stolen ID to acquire something quite different — plastic surgery.

After going on a shopping spree that included new furniture, clothes and other items, she went to a doctor and charged $9,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to enhance parts of her body.
Unfortunately for the woman,”The physician was actually utilizing not silicone of the medical kind but silicone that you buy in Home Depot or Lowes – very deadly and poisonous,” Ramirez said.
The con artist was eventually caught and sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, but not before marring the victim’s credit and spending up to $20,000 dollars.
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