League Perplexed by Theft of Bleachers

Trent Christ,¬†Costa Mesa National Little League’s vice president, went about mowing the outfield lawn on Wednesday. Apparently, he didn’t quite notice anything amiss, well, except that the grass needed trimming. It wasn’t until a maintenance worker of a neighboring middle school asked him what had become of the 12-foot-wide bleachers that should have been on the right field by the fence.
According to a news report by Daily Pilot, it appears someone managed to unbolt five rows of aluminum benches, floorboards, backrests, side railings and cross beam — without anyone noticing. All that remained of the stand-alone seating were structural beams and one lone backrest bolted to concrete pads in the ground.
Christ said he couldn’t help but laugh out loud because of sheer disbelief. His wife on the other hand, was perplexed and couldn’t help but wonder, “Who takes bleachers from kids?”
The league spent $4,000 on the seating and paid for the upgrade out of a $15,000 grant. However, that doesn’t include the immeasurable value of dozens of volunteers working hand-in-hand to install the bleachers.
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