Middle Class Family in Russia Killed 30 Victims in 6 Years

Dentist Roman Podkopaev, his wife Inessa Tarverdiyeva, and their her daughter Viktoria Tarverdiyeva may look just like an ordinary middle-class family in their neigborhood. Their jobs made them pillars in the community where they belong but the truth is they were a ruthless gang of killers.

The family robs and murders its way all throughout the region of Russia. They even let their 13-year-old daughter Anastasiya join the killing spree in which they killed at least 30 victims in six years. They were known as “family of monsters”. They murder people and even children.

Their six-year reign of terror is finally put to an end. Podkopaev, 35 years old, was killed during a shootout with police, and his wife who is 46 years old was seriously injured.

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