Missing Boy’s Dad Accused by Ex-Wife and Son

The parents of a missing 11 year-old boy, Mark and Elaine Redwine, are pointing fingers at each other, accusing the other with the disappearance of their son. Their older son has even started accusing one of his parents.

“I do believe that Mark took Dylan to punish my mom and hurt her,” added Corey Redwine, the brother of the missing boy Dylan.  “There has been two previous times where he kidnapped me and Dylan he took us to a ghetto hotel in Denver.  He took us to his boss’ house.  Both those times I did feel like we were being kidnapped.”
The parents appeared on the Dr. Phil show to talk about their child’s disappearance, where Mark agreed to later undergo a polygraph test. That, however, never happened. His ex-wife still continues to believe that he has either hidden or disposed of their son.
“I am not trying to get away with anything,”responded Mark. “I’m not involved in this no matter how it comes across to you or anybody else,” he said.  “I have a hard time dealing with this.  I struggle every day, and for months now I have Corey and Elaine pointing finger at me.”
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