Motion Made to Increase Penalties for Swatting Calls Targeted at Celeb Homes

A number of prank callers idea of fun has definitely gone way too far. Apparently, “swatting” is a new ruse by prank callers in which they place fake 911 emergency calls — prompting the police to respond immediately. What’s even more shocking is that these acts are targeted at high-profile celebrity personalities’ homes.
Just last Friday, reports involved the homes of Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake. On Thursday, a number of false reports were made of a shooting and armed robbery at Rihanna’s home in the city’s Pacific Palisades area. Police flocked to Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Toluca Lake home on Wednesday after receiving a phony call that there was a shooting in the area.
“These ‘swatting’ incidents pose a threat to public safety, not only because they tie up much needed LAPD resources, but also because officers responding to these fake incidents have been injured,” Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz stated. “Sources inside the LAPD feel it’s only a matter of time before an officer gets killed as a result of a ‘swatting’ incident.”
Koretz submitted a motion last Tuesday to increase the penalties for offenses like “swatting”. The current punishment for a false 911 report is up to one year imprisonment and is currently considered as a misdemeanor — for now. In 30 days, as requested by the motion, the city lawyer attorney will be back with a draft of an ordinance that would require offenders to pay restitution for these cases.
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