Reduced Crime Rate in Danger Zones

According to statistics, Brownsville, The Bronx and St. Albans are three cities where major drop in crime rate was recently noted. The largest drop came from The Bronx with 28.5%, followed by Brownsville with 24% decrease and St. Albans with a 20% drop.

Cops in The Bronx credited the major decrease in crime rate to the use of a smartphone app. Capt. Lorenzo Johnson said that the precincts have used Dropbox to share photos, warrants and other pertinent information with other detectives and specialized units.

“It’s one of the key tools we’ve used,” said Johnson. He added that it helps by “getting the people that we’re looking for off the streets before they can commit murder.”

In addition, the allocation of available resources to help target hot spots has also contributed to the significant decrease in the crime rate in all three cities.

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