Robbery Prevention Ideas for Your Home and Business

With people losing their jobs and the economy at a low point, more and more people have turned to robbery as a means of making ends meet. However, the means does not justify the end, this doesn’t justify the actions of vicious criminals who victimize honest individuals.

To prevent being at risk for a robbery, here a some things you can do to make your home or establishment safe:
  • Having an alarm system, locking doors and windows are always a good measure.
  • Destroy boxes. As strange as it may seem, people may want to rob you for what is on a box at the end of your driveway.
  • Close your garage. Leaving it open, even during the day puts your car and its contents at risk from strangers passing your house.
  • Plant thorny bushes near windows that may be vulnerable to break-in to deter thieves.
  • Keep things put away and out of sight if possible, so a snooping stranger can’t see valuables through windows. This goes for your car as well.
  • Add exterior lighting to your home so that visitors are in plain sight of your neighbors when approaching your home.
  • Be cautious about workers and contractors working at your house or your neighbor’s house.
For more robbery prevention tips, be sure to read How to Prevent a Robbery.
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