Tampa Teenager Charged for a Hate Crime Against Transgender

A 16-year-old, named Tavares Spencer. is behind bars for shooting and robbing a 22-year-old transgender namedĀ “Coko. ” The incident happened last April 9 wherein Tavares lured him into a home and performed what authorities now call a “hate crime”. The suspect apparently was interested in Coko and truly believed he was a biological female, his anger when he found out he wasn’t lead to his act of violence.

“So basically, he was just doing this out of hate,” said Coko. “I believe he wanted me to be a real female so bad, that he was kind of upset.” He also denies ever hiding his sexuality from anybody, as neighbors of his are well aware of his true nature.
Tavares, who is still a minor in actuality, has been chargedĀ as an adult in this case.
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