Domestic Violence Cases in Shoreline and Renton

Authorities reported the death of a husband and wife in Shoreline last Saturday, the same day a young woman died in Renton. Although they emphasized that the three domestic violence cases were unrelated.

Firstly, the Shoreline incident was said to be a murder-then-suicide situation wherein one half of the couple killed his or her partner before killing himself or herself. Police responded after a 9:00 am call by a woman who appeared to be the mother-in-law of the victim.

On the same day, a 20-year-old lady was found dead in her apartment after 911 responded to a call by a man saying he killed his girlfriend. He did stay in the booby-trapped apartment when the police came for an arrest. He later surrendered without any struggle.

According to the Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence, 35 people died in the state last year because of domestic violence. This was the lowest record in 17 years.

Source: Seattle Times

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