How Witnessing Domestic Violence Affects Children

Research shows that less than 2% of domestic violence perpetrators receive jail time punishments, with one in every four incidents only reported to the police.

According to the American Psychological Association, children mostly feel fear and anxiety with every experience of domestic violence. One in every 75 cases were found to be physically hurt whereas two out of five children considered it as the scariest experience they had in their lives.

Experts believe that children are likelier to experience nightmares, disruptions in daily activities, depression, and anxiety. Whether the child experiences it himself or witnesses the incident, the trauma is somewhat similar, experts added.

This nationwide study conducted by APA included 517 children who witnessed violence such as kicking, hitting, beating, and murder. Statistics showed that 75% saw the incident with their own eyes, 21% only heard it, and 3% only saw the injuries.

Psychologists are wary that the effect of seeing an unlawful situation will cause trauma and detrimental effects that can last for a very long time in a child.


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