Shelter for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Victims

REACH, a private organization in Macon County, is planning to build a $1.3 million shelter for sexual abuse and domestic violence victims to be completed by September 2015.

The fundraising is still in its initial phase, and the result for their $908,555 grant application from the NC Housing Finance Agency will be revealed by July 2014. Despite this, REACH has already started their campaign to raise $302,852 required for the community shelter.

As of now, the organization is renting a shelter building outside Franklin with the administrative offices sitting in its own 14-acre property. Because the current location is far enough to ensure privacy, it also poses a problem to clients with transportation issues.

In order to assist the growing number of refugees, REACH is planning a 10-bedroom, 20-bed facility that has all bedrooms connected to another by a door. Each one will have its own bathroom and the entire facility will be structured to be accessible for people with disabilities. Other necessities such as a laundry room, outdoor playing area, children’s playroom, patio, conference room, dining areas, and kitchen are also included in the architectural plan.


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