Son Testifies Against Mother in Murder Trial

Linda Cooney, 66 years of age, is charged with paralyzing and shooting her son, Kevin Cooney, after a feud over the latter’s then-girlfriend.

A feud between his mom and brother made Las Vegas police officer, Christopher Cooney, testify on the second day of trial against his mom’s attempted murder. He said his mom called around 1am last June 28 telling him that his brother was acting violently to her. He added that this situation was something that was common between the both of them, and asked his brother to ‘maintain peace’ in the situation.

Around 8:20am that day, Christopher received another phone call from his hysterical mom, informing him Kevin was shot.

According to the prosecutors, mother, Linda Cooney, using a .357 caliber handgun, shot Kevin Cooney. Shockingly, the same gun was used to kill her ex-husband, James Cooney, over two decades ago. The charges were acquitted because the jury believed she shot her husband in 1991 for self-defense purposes.

Linda Cooney will be facing four charges – attempted murder, intimidating a witness, battering someone with a deadly weapon, and stalking the ex-girlfriend of her son. If found guilty, she will be in jail for 3 to 65 years.


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