Criminal Law

If you have been accused of a criminal act, it is essential to enlist the help of a reputable criminal
defense attorney immediately. J.Scott McComas, has the experience, expertise, and the knowledge of
criminal law to defend you and protect your legal rights no matter what kind of criminal charges you are

Scott displays a passion for the law, a fervor for public service, and equal passion for the rights
of the accused. Scott works aggressively, effectively, and ethically to prevent the conviction and

punishment of innocent persons and to protect every citizen’s constitutional right to be presumed
innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Scott does his job well to
ensure that law enforcement also does its job honestly, fairly, and with integrity. The bottom
line is that we defend everyone’s constitutional rights from the perspective of protecting the
interests of the criminal defendant.

The constitution of the United States upholds that all accused persons are presumed innocent until
proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before a judge or jury of their peers in proceedings by a court
of law. Everyone is guaranteed a fair trial.

The most fundamental values of our Federal and State Constitutions are put into practice in the
forum of the criminal case. The rights to trial by jury, to remain silent, to be represented by an
attorney, and to due process of law are all about justice. They are what distinguish our country
from others and make us a free people.

At J. Scott McComas, P.C., we work to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crimes. We
uphold the integrity, independence and expertise of those who represent persons accused of crimes and
work diligently to promote the proper and fair administration of justice.

We have dealt with virtually every kind of defendant. When you enlist the services of experienced
criminal defense attorney J. Scott McComas, you can rest assured that he will bring to bear their
extensive grasp of all applicable legal precedents and relevant statutes available to argue on your behalf.

Free Phone Consultation: Contact Boulder Criminal Defense lawyer J. Scott McComas at (303) 443-2000.

Free Phone Consultation: Contact Boulder Criminal Defense lawyer J. Scott McComas at (303) 443-2000.

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